Monday, April 26, 2010

On high tide
let me ride
my head, the sail
my heart, the wind
the world within

sun and thunder,
come in! come in!
light and sound,
bounce around!
illuminate and harmonize,
make me wise
in ears and eyes,
and I'll let you go again

Saturday, April 17, 2010

There's this woman
got me talkin' on the phone
even when when I'm alone
I love to be alone...
I must love her

There's this city
got me jumpin' in my sleep
even though when at peace
I dream of dreamin' deep...
it must love me

There's this song
got me tryin' to sing along
despite my voice all wrong
rough and tumbling and grumbling
like groans from God above...
it must be love

Thursday, April 01, 2010

just spent a long time in the mountains and jungles of bolivia and peru - back in civilization for now, though things might be sporadic until I finish this job in a bit over a month... anyhow, here's one from the peruvian amazon:

I left the shelter of my
home to seek a shooting star
on which to wish for that which
was lost to me (or by me).

Stepping out into the jungle night,
I looked up to black sky.

Despair pried open my mouth,
anger at the heavens flared my eyes.

No song came out, no vision came in.
I neither breathed nor blinked.

Fully exposed, I might have died there...
but suddenly, my mad openness was filled
with light bursting from a crack in the sky.