Saturday, January 21, 2012

1 / 1 / 2012

oh Uruguay
I don’t know if we’re at the beginning of the end
but still I want to learn…
let me start by bowing to your humility, to
your satisfied gaze across oceans which you have not ruined
over continents you aren’t trying to conquer
you calmly offer me yerba mate so I may sip your same elixir
sharing without fear that I might contaminate you with my diseases...
yes, I'm ill, sick with fright that my people will kill the world,
stressed into a knot that I am powerless to stop the apocalypse
that all it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing...
yet convinced that I, we, need to do-not-doing:
imagine the world revolution if all our politicians, bankers, activists, teachers, welders, trash collectors and soldiers were able to sit and meditate on the air that enters and exits their permeable, impermanent bodies
if we could all just gift ourselves a month to be at peace on the Uruguayan coast.